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Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family life can be greatly rewarding and extremely challenging. Whether seeking therapy for issues arising from starting a family, preparing to launch children into adulthood or any stage in between, the difficulties cause concern and deserve attention. At all ages, the creation of a family structure with consistent boundaries and expectations can contribute to healthy lives, both as individuals and as a group.

Common Areas of Focus:

  • Communication patterns
  • Rules and discipline
  • Regulating emotions and behavior
  • Effects of separation, divorce, blending families
  • Drugs, Alcohol, Sexual Activity
  • Freedom vs. Limits
  • School performance
  • Sibling/peer relations
  • Responsibilities and Goals

 Adjusting to Change

Adjusting to change as your children develop, tests the need to stay close, while encouraging their independence. Relations with challenging kids are complex and may cause doubt about your parenting skills.  Practicing new approaches for managing family interaction, addressing patterns of conflict, and strengthening  parental teamwork can create a more open yet secure dynamic.

Transitioning through life stages and managing the stress that results, affects everyone from infancy to old age. As a parent, a former teacher and experienced in marriage and family therapy, we will collaborate to increase understanding between family members, maintain respect for cultural tradition and identity while addressing issues in our rapidly changing world.

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