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Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy Tailored to Your Needs

Using an integrative, evidence based approach in collaboration with clients, I offer the opportunity to tailor therapy to your own personal needs and see results. I believe that it is not enough to identify sources of problems without offering practical suggestions for behavior changes outside of session. Whether you reach out for therapy in crisis or to address longer term patterns which are preventing you from leading a more satisfying life, the effort and focus we put into addressing your issues will lead to gaining control, healing from past and present pain and moving forward in deliberate and positive ways.

While life’s challenges may seem overwhelming at times, making a commitment to explore feelings, discuss choices and practice behaviors provides a very real and hopeful path to change, personally and in relation to others.

Family Therapy

Family life can be greatly rewarding and extremely challenging. Whether seeking therapy for issues arising from starting a family, preparing to launch children into adulthood or any stage in between, the difficulties cause concern and deserve attention.

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Couple Therapy

When a couple enters therapy, whether in crisis or a long term pattern of unsatisfying interaction, the methods used in and out of session will transform your connection in positive ways.

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Premarital Counseling

For many couples, the desire to seek counseling by one or both partners before making the commitment may be a positive step in reaffirming their intentions.

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Anger Management

While feelings of anger are a natural emotional response, the consequences of behaving in highly reactive ways are a valid reason for seeking help.

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