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Ayesha H.Feb 21, 2018

Joan is amazing, she is caring and nonjudgmental, but most importantly she really does know how to help others in hard times.

Giselle D.Feb 9, 2018

My husband and I have been meeting with Joan weekly for a month now and she is really helping us through a difficult period. She is patient and really listens to what we have to say. She offers insight without judging and has helped us communicate more positively. I look forward to continue working with her.

Lauren C.Feb 8, 2018

We’ve been seeing Joan for about a month now. She’s wonderful to work with, and does a great job of both listening to both of us and providing feedback/new skills for us to learn. We will definitely continue to see her.

Matias A.Jan 29, 2018

Me and my wife had an amazing session with Joan and would recommend her to everyone.

Thumbtack CustomerJan 17, 2018

Thumbtack CustomerDec 13, 2017

Joan has been great and we couldn’t have asked for a more patient, understanding, and knowledgeable person to work with.

Ryan R.Nov 28, 2017

After months of recurring and growing challenges in our relationship, my wife and I decided to seek professional support to work through some of the common bumps in the road that come with any growing relationship (e.g., passing in the family, job challenges, relocation decisions, in-laws, communication breakdowns). We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have come across Joan. Words cannot fully express our gratitude towards Joan and her genuine care for our well-being, her sincere interest in listening to our problems, and her thoughtful and balanced suggestions to help us navigate some of the more challenging times in our lives. Every visit felt as though we picked up where we left off, not skipping a beat, even if the time span from the previous appointment was months – a testament to Joan’s professionalism and ability to keep track of the important details from previous meetings. Also very important to us was Joan’s ability to add levity to situations and to provide an alternative perspective to consider. She has an innate sense to insert at the appropriate time and provide the right amount of guidance and tools to deal with situations that might arise in the future. These tools have helped my wife and I deal much more effectively with the inevitable bumps that we have encountered since beginning our sessions with Joan. Thanks, Joan – you have had such an important impact on our lives!

Thumbtack CustomerNov 28, 2017

Joan is very easy to get in touch with and can make our busy schedules work together. Looking forward to our first appointment.

Steve D.Nov 20, 2017

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Thumbtack CustomerNov 8, 2017

Joan has been wonderful to work with. She’s very objective and was great at getting my partner to actually speak about things that were difficult for him. She’s great at working through things and pulling out what the true issue is to enable you to work through it. Highly recommend her.

Thumbtack CustomerOct 9, 2017

Calming, professional, non-judgmental.

Milena L.Oct 4, 2017

Therapy and Counseling
Even though I had only one session with Joan Warren, I must say it was exceptional and helpful. Highly recommend.

Trinae M.Oct 3, 2017

Marriage and Relationship Counseling
So far, Joan has been the epitome of professionalism. I am looking forward to my first couples session with her.

Thumbtack CustomerOct 2, 2017

She was very courteous and helpful. She is very honest without being bias or judgemental. definitely will continue to see her.

Thumbtack CustomerSep 20, 2017

Joan made herself available to see my and my husband at quite late notice which was great to know that someone was able to see us as soon as we needed to talk. I was not sure what to expect from the session but it certainly made a huge difference. Joan got to the root of many of the issues we were facing quickly simply by asking questions. She offered advise to on us that has proved to be really useful, including many practical take-aways. What struck me about Joan was that she really listened to what she was being told and she did not take sides. Although it was uncomfortable and we probably only touched the tip of the ice berg, it was one of the best steps we have ever taken. All thanks to Joan who we hope to see again.

Thumbtack CustomerSep 19, 2017

Thumbtack CustomerAug 24, 2017

Annie C.Aug 22, 2017

Relationship Counseling
Joan is so wonderful. She really took the time to get to know my husband and I as individuals, and as a couple, and help us through our challenges. She made us feel comfortable and created an environment where we could be honest and open with her, and each other. We are so grateful to have found Joan!.

Nate Z.Aug 21, 2017

Hard to find a therapist like Joan.

Daniel A.Aug 11, 2017

Joan has an unwavering commitment to her clients. I have been a client of Joan for over a year now. Her ability to understand, and empathize, combined with excellent relationship-strengthening advice, is unmatched. Moreover, Joan’s talent for getting at the root cause of an issue is remarkable. I highly recommend Joan as a therapist.

Thumbtack CustomerAug 10, 2017

Hi I went to Joan as I was planning to divorce my husband. I had issues which i felt could never be resolved. Joan was an excellent ear, made the time for us when we requested. Gave us a view of our relationship which we could never see. The exercises given were beautiful, easy and fun to add to our marriage. Today my husband and I are in love all over again and we could never imagine being away from each other. She is a great listener, very patient and the office makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Joan for every personal or family issue.

Thumbtack CustomerAug 8, 2017

Joan was easy to chat with, approachable and always professional and courteous

Victor R.Aug 8, 2017

Even though we are still figuring things out Joan has be a great mediator to help communicate each of our true feeling and intentions. She is very attentive puts a signifcant effort in her work. She is awesome.

Thumbtack CustomerAug 6, 2017

We have had a great experience with Joan. She has resonated with my husband more than any other therapist we have spoken with. She is patient, accommodating, a great listener and offers insightful advice.

Thumbtack CustomerAug 4, 2017

Our experience with Joan has been wonderful. She is very accommodating and scheduling with her is easy and flexible. My husband and I came to her to help transition into family planning as well as help us improve communication. While I have been in therapy before, my husband has not and was a little hesitant. After our first session- he was hooked. She listens with understanding, but ensures to offer different perspectives and strategies. She asks questions that bring to the surface things that can be addressed that we would not have considered on our own. Sometimes our session include exercises, while sometimes we simply talk through certain parts of our life. Not only has our relationship improved, my husband and I are communicating better and more effectively. We plan to continue to see Joan regularly and highly recommend to others looking for a couples therapist.

Ben E.Aug 3, 2017

My girlfriend and I were having issues communicating and Joan was extremely helpful. She was able to understand where both of us were coming from and helped us finally reach a resolution. I would highly recommend Joan.

E.B.Jul 30, 2017

Joan provided an objective ear, valuable insights and good counsel.

Thumbtack CustomerJul 29, 2017

Joan is a thoughtful and pragmatic therapist who helped me and my girlfriend (we both being admittedly complicated people) navigate our way out of what was looking like the end of our relationship. We were extremely close to being done after having seen another therapist for over a year with little success and Joan not only brought us back from the brink but set us up in a much healthier place than we would have ever gotten to on our own. She’s been nothing but sensible and understanding with both of us whether we see her together or individually (she has a special knack for knowing when an individual session would be a good idea). Now that our relationship is in a MUCH better place, I see her regularly on my own just to make sure things stay that way, and she’s been just as supportive and effective. I would definitely recommend Joan to anyone who’s looking for someone who can actually *help*.

Thumbtack CustomerJul 15, 2017

Joan is a great listerner and really made a difference in our way of communication. Thank you Joan.

Thumbtack CustomerJul 13, 2017

We have had a great experience in couples therapy with Joan. She has helped us talk through some of our differences and empathize with each other’s perspectives. She is highly professional and objective as well as kind and considerate. She is also very flexible about meeting times which is very helpful for our busy work schedules.

Yu S.July 2, 2017

First of of all, she was very responsive. I contacted her at 2am online, talked with her on phone 8am and met her the next day. She patiently listens to us (my husband and me) and shows us a better way to communicate, to avoid problems and to overcome the problems.

Thumbtack CustomerJune 28, 2017

Enjoying our sessions with Joan. Very helpful.

Tim R.May 31, 2017

My spouse and I have had a few sessions with Joan and she has been an attentive listener and offered good feedback.

Kristen E.May 31, 2017

I’ve been seeing Joan for almost a year now and I feel incredibly fortunate to have met her. Joan has helped me get to insights about myself that are not obvious or easy to get to. She has helped me understand my triggers, how to heal and process from traumatic experiences and how to challenge myself and move forward past setbacks. I’m really lucky to have her as my therapist and I hope to continue working with her for years to come.

Mary F. Apr 7, 2017

Kind and Professional
Joan is very professional and really kept the session on an even keel. We are looking forward to working with her to improve our communication as a couple!

Kappie F. Mar 31, 2017

Premarital counseling
My fiancé and I went to Joan for premarital counseling. Joan was approachable and really put us at ease. She gave us some good pointers for how to strengthen our relationship. While she didn’t have a particular pre-marital curriculum for us to follow, she did create a safe space for us to talk about difficult topics.

Nicole A.Feb 11, 2017

She listened and stayed positive, which was what the situation needed. She gave us options and never pressured.

Erica D.Dec 3, 2016

Couple’s Counseling
Joan gives ample time for both parties during couple counseling and in our few sessions has given us some tools to better communicate and understand each others perspectives. Overall, we’ve made progress in our relationship and were happy to have the guidance.

Richard H.Nov 25, 2016

Very positive!!!!
Very nice and easy to open up to. Very positive experiences thus far with Joan. Seeing good results so far.

Tina S.Nov 2, 2016

Highly effective couples’ therapist–a true professional
Joan is a true professional and a great counselor. She has helped us to navigate several delicate and complicated problems, and continues to do so. Nothing seems to faze Joan, and she is fantastic at helping couples to to tackle issues head-on that would otherwise stay hidden and unaddressed. Highly recommended for couples’ therapy.

Alyson C.Oct 31, 2016

Excellent experience
Joan is understanding, compassionate and warm. Highly recommend her.

Christina C.Oct 24, 2016

Dealing with infidelity
Feeling lost about my feelings and Joan is starting to help even after the first visit.

John D.Aug 30, 2016

Keith B.Aug 13, 2016

Very calming personality that has helped us understand the issues and better our relationship.

Jenna T.May 25, 2016

Joan was extremely welcoming and friendly. My partner and I left each session feeling like we both got what we wanted out of it. Would highly recommend Joan to anyone looking for a relationship counselor!

Robyn M.Sep 29, 2015

Joan has a great approach to marital counseling which focused us on a problem solving mode that was proactive. She is a great listener and very empathetic. We have enjoyed working with her very much.

Rigel A.Sep 29, 2015

Joan was a pleasure to meet and work with. She is receptive, sensitive and confident in her work. I felt comfortable and that I could trust her when I opened up about deep topics. I felt heard and understood by Joan. She is wonderful. Thank you Joan.

Melissa C.Sep 19, 2015

She was amazing. She was soft spoken, understanding, non-judgmental, and a realist.

Sam W.July 15, 2015

So far so good! Began seeing her for my own issues but now seeing her with my boyfriend. We felt like there was almost no hope for us but now feeling like we can make it work. She is super open minded, wise, intelligent and calm. I’m really glad I found her and look forward to seeing her more. She’s awesome.

Carly L.June 30, 2015

Working with Joan so far has been a great experience. She is great to talk to and everything I could have hoped for in my first therapy experience. She is also incredibly flexible with my hectic work schedule, something which I was worried about and greatly appreciate. A very positive experience so far.

Bill H.June 26, 2015

Joan Warren is an exceptional therapist. She possesses superb education, training and practical knowledge which enable her to perceive challenges which her clients are facing, and identify and provide counseling and therapy which enables clients with her assistance to address their challenges and achieve positive results. Joan provided couples therapy for my wife and me which was enlightened and beneficial. She also assisted me to better understand my behavioral patterns and the historical experiences which influenced them, which enabled me to grow as a person. Joan has exhibited an earnest and heartfelt desire to assist us and has been very effective. I highly recommend her as a therapist.

Katie M.June 15, 2015

Joan is easy to get comfortable with. She has been great. Highly recommend.

Jess B.May 26, 2015

My husband and I saw Joan a year into our marriage and I only wish we had seen her sooner. She helped us recognize that our communication system was broken and gave us tools that allowed us to really listen and respect one another, particularly in high stress situations. Joan identified our triggers and sore spots and dove into the background of each so we could understand why we were engaging in our destructive behavior. Since seeing Joan, my husband and I are on the same team and our relationship has maintained a healthy level of respect and kindness.

April W.Apr 27, 2015

Joan Warren is the best couples counselor. She helps us to stay curious about each other and to recognize the meaning (baggage) we attach to miscommunications and fights. She shows us how to navigate the rough waters by gently guiding us back to the fundamentals. She has resurrected our love. We came to her with big challenges and we are now engaged to be married. (What more do you need to say!?). She has saved our relationship and more than that, she has given me great confidence that my fiancé and I are going to grow ever closer in love as we learn more about each other and ourselves. Joan is full of insight. She is fair. She is wise. She always has the big picture in mind. She will teach you practical techniques and big picture concepts to keep in mind. She has really opened up my approach to handling people in general! She’s the best!

Oscar S.Apr 6, 2015

Joan is really professional. I initially started three years ago with a program of anger management and she changed my life in a fairly short time. Every session made more and more sense about what was happening. After the years i started again with weekly regular sessions for just talking and understanding everything is a better perspective. She made me love myself again.

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