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Therapy for Teens

Pre-adolescent/Teen/ Family Therapy

The pre-adolescent and teen years are particularly challenging for both child and parent. A sweet, loving connection with a younger child, over time may be replaced by rebellion, disrespect, opposition and rejection. The shift in attitude and behavior can be devastating, but the need to deal with your teen’s development of an individual self in today’s world can be explored, understood and managed.

Areas of Focus:

  • Attitude/Behavior
  • School performance
  • Chores/Rules/Responsibilities
  • Separation/Divorce/Blending families
  • Electronic use
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Sexuality
  • Sibling and peer relations
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm/Depression/Anxiety
  • Goal Setting and Reaching

Parents, have you noticed your child…

  • Losing interest in school or activities?
  • Using electronics constantly?
  • Ignoring your requests?
  • Criticizing, fighting or withdrawing?
  • Pushing limits? Breaking rules? Making threats?

Do your kids…

  • Accuse you of constantly nagging them?
  • Say they feel misunderstood? Mistreated?
  • Feel you’re invading their privacy?
  • Want more freedom but less responsibility?
  • Trigger angry responses and lack of control?

Whether in session individually or as a group, we will address issues from all sides, increase understanding and support and find compromises. Shifting your ways of parenting and exploring the changes in family interaction as your child matures are challenging yet necessary. Working together to alter negative patterns will affect behavior and these special years will be more positive and rewarding.

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